I was surprised Luke and Jamie actually agreed to spend the night.  I’m not sure I would have in that situation.  I was fairly thankful that they did, though.  It wasn’t a time to be alone.  The three of us continued drinking after the incident and within a few hours, we weren’t taking about it anymore.  We focused our attention back to the Dungeons and Dragons game I was running, each of them trying to use my inebriation to compel new story lines that favored their respective characters.  I had a rule not to give out freebies when I was in any way intoxicated, because we had played a game that got out of hand because of substance bribery.

“Fuck me.”  Luke said as he walked into the kitchen.

I had always been an early riser.  It was kind of boring.  After a long night of drinking, I would be up early and the rest of them would sleep until noon.  It gave me time to plot and plan our next adventures in Bryconia, the world I invented for our game, but I envied those that could sleep through the daylight like it didn’t matter.  Being in my basement alone had also given me time to think about what happened the night before and try to somehow rationalize the experience we had.

“We didn’t get eaten by a demon.  That’s a plus.”  I gave him an eyebrow raised smirk.  “Breakfast is over there.”

Breakfast was cold.  I had cooked some eggs, bacon and a roll of frozen biscuits.  It might as well have been manna from heaven for a post-drunken morning, or afternoon as it was currently.  Luke quickly loaded his plate up and didn’t leave much for Jamie.  The second-earliest bird had no compassion at this point as I could hear his stomach rumbling from across the room.  He walked to the fridge and dug around.

“Beer for breakfast?  Seriously?”  I asked as he twisted off the top and took a drink.

“Hey Daniels, it’s after noon!”  He cackled.  “Want one?”

“Of course I do!”  I reached for him to hand me one of the brews.

“It’s a light beer, so it doesn’t really count anyway.”  He sat down at the table and dug into his food.

“Good point.”  I took a big gulp and finished half of it, then returned to writing in my notebook.

“D&D tonight, right?  RIGHT!?”  He was already going through withdrawals from the last campaign.

“Yeah.  Ben and Scott will be here tonight, so we’ll have the whole group.  I think you will like it.”  I raised an eyebrow to him and then wrote something evil in my book for his character.

“I still want to play Vyrce.  You better make that happen, Daniels.”  He finished his food and kicked his feet up, lighting a cigarette.

I did the same and glared at him.  “We’ll see.”  It was going to happen, but I wasn’t going to spill the story until it actually occurred.  I even had him draw up a new character that he wasn’t very enthused about.

“Morning.”  A growl came from the doorway as Jamie’s sleepy eyes peered at us.  He already had a cigarette halfway finished before he made it down the stairs.

“Breakfast.”  Luke pointed at the few bits remaining of the feast.

Jamie didn’t complain.  He fixed what was left and started devouring it standing up.  “Beer already guys?  You two are alcoholics.”

“Like you’re not going to get one?”  Luke shot him a look that almost commanded him to get started on one of his own.

Jamie went to the fridge and pulled one out.  “We’re running low.”

“I’ll have Scott bring us some more.”  I didn’t really want to leave the house today.  I was pretty sure the Dungeon Master could compel some free beer from his players.

“So the board…  That was crazy.”  Jamie finally broached the subject Luke and I had avoided.

“I don’t really want to talk about that.”  Luke said, dismissing Jamie with a wave.

“Are we going to tell Ben and Scott about it?”  Jamie sounded hopeful.  Despite what happened last night, I could tell he was more interested in the spiritual world than the game we were planning.

“Why not?”  I muttered and went to get another beer.  Luke motioned for me to bring him one as well.

The afternoon passed by fairly quick.  Luke talked about the game, his desire to play Vyrce, and how angry he was that I killed his character.  Jamie talked about the board, demons, witchcraft, and other nonsense we mostly ignored.  I stayed focused on writing our adventure for the evening.  At dusk, Scott showed up with the beer I had asked him to bring, right as we were on our last round.  He also had a joint that didn’t last long once he produced it.  We were pretty fucked up by the time Jamie got around to talking about the board with him.

“So, Scott.  Crazy shit happened to us last night.  We summoned a demon!”  Jamie was excited about it, a complete turnaround from his previous apprehension.

“Ya’ll played last night?”  Scott threw his hands up in anger.  “I was bored as shit.  I could have come over!”

“No, we didn’t play.  I mean we summoned a real demon.  With a Ouija board!”  Jamie jumped up and grabbed the board off of the shelf we had left it on.

“We’re not using the board again.”  I pointed at the shelf for him to return it.

“Wait, are ya’ll serious?”  Scott looked around the room to gauge our reaction.  They clearly confirmed we were not lying.  “Well shit, maybe he wants to play D&D.  Ben ain’t here yet, let’s fire it up!”

“Luke, will you take notes since Daniels is being a pussy?”  Jamie put the board in front of Scott.

“Nah, you take notes.  I’m on the board tonight.”  Luke pushed past Jamie and sat down.

Jamie pouted and grabbed the notebook.  He sat down at the end of the table and waited for Luke and Scott to start.  I began to set up for the game on the other end of the table.  I tried to ignore them because I really didn’t want any part of the board at this point, but after they got set up, I was enthralled in finding out whether or not they would have any success.  Scott had never used the board before, and he didn’t bleed on it, so it would be interesting to see what kind of reaction he got, if any.

“Is anyone there?”  Luke asked as he lightly touched the pointer.

“Demons!”  Jamie tapped his pen on the notebook.

The pointer started to move almost instantly.  It spelled out i-a-m-h-e-r-e.

“I am here!”  Jamie was already excited.  He leaned over to look at the board.

“Who are you?”  Luke peered at the board again, waiting for it to move.  It spelled out e-v-e.

“It’s Eve!”  Jamie had to stand and fold his feet underneath him to contain his excitement.

“Who’s Eve?”  Scott asked.  He looked over at Jamie and then to me.

“She’s some girl that died in 1920.”  I said.  “Or so she claims.”

Scott was completely intrigued by the pointer as it moved around the board again, spelling out t-h-a-n-k-y-o-u-f-o-r-t-a-l-k-i-n-g-t-o-m-e

Jamie transcribed the letters and started to separate the words.  “You’re welcome!”

“What did it say?”  I looked over towards his notebook, but I couldn’t see it well from where I was sitting. I stood up and walked over behind him.  “Oh, it said thank you for talking to me.”

“How did you die?”  Luke tilted his head as the pointer began to move.  It spelled out m-u-r-d-e-r

“Murder!” I said before Jamie could even finish writing the words.

“What the hell are ya’ll fuckers doing?”  A voice startled us.  It was Ben.