For young men so brave one day prior, we took the Ouija board from the box with apprehension the second day.  The previous night’s activities ended abruptly when the pointer ominously moved over to ‘Yes’ after we asked if anyone was out there.  I can’t even describe the string of profanity that followed, but it equated to multiple accusations and us putting the board away to watch some television and finish our beers.  Originally we didn’t even plan to touch it that night, but after a mind shredding session of Dungeons and Dragons that resulted in Luke’s character dying we dug it out once more.  The beers in our system probably helped our previous doubt.

Our blood was now smeared and dried to the board.  The pointer had slid through a dribble and left a crimson streak that pointed directly to the ‘Yes’ in the left corner.  Jamie decided he wanted to participate that night and Luke was happy to sit back and take notes.  It would help him to brood over the death of his character while he finished off a few more beers anyway.  His mood had already brought down the atmosphere.  The moment a magical knife was drilled through a soft spot in his character’s armor, he started chain smoking and pounding beers non-stop, stringing together every complaint and excuse he could think of.

“Why’d you have to kill Vryce off Daniels!?”  He asked through slurred speech.

“It wasn’t my fault!  The dice did you in, buddy.”  I already had plans to bring Vryce back with a special resurrection in the next adventure, but watching him suffer was part of the thrill and my right as a Dungeon Master.

“Let’s play with the board.”  Jamie put his fingers on the pointer and looked at me, then over to Luke.  Luke nodded and tore off a piece of paper to take notes.  I placed my fingers on the pointer with him.

We started off with the usual rambling from the night before and asked if anyone was there.  After various questions and no response, we started to grow tired of the board once more.  I shrugged my shoulders and took my fingers off the pointer for a moment to take a drink of beer.  As I did, Jamie spoke to the board alone.

“This is pretty much your last change spirits of the night, if anyone is there you best show yourself or we are packing this thing up for good.  Is anyone there?”  Less than a second after he asked the question, the pointer moved over to ‘Yes.’

“Oh shit, you moved it you bastard!” I said, but eagerly moved my hand back to the pointer.

“I didn’t!  It wasn’t me!”  Jamie looked a little pale and I believed him when I saw a flicker of fear in his eyes.

“Are you there?”  I questioned and it moved around, this time spelling out ‘Y-E-S.’

“Okay, who is moving it?  Daniels did you move it?  Jamie?”  Luke asked as he scribbled the letters on the piece of paper.

“I did not move it.”  I stated emphatically.  “Did you move it Jamie?”

“No!  I told you, I didn’t move it!”  He reaffirmed his previous denial.

“Okay then.”  I nodded and hunched closer to the board.  “Are you a demon?”  It seemed like a logical question and both of my friends seemed to agree with it.  The cursor instantly slid over to ‘No.’

“Well that’s good.”  Jamie breathed a sigh of relief.

“Oh, like the demons are going to admit they are evil spirits trying to possess us or some shit.”  Luke laughed and lit up a cigarette.  “One of you is moving it.  My bet is on Jamie.”

“I swear to you, Luke…you too Daniels.  I’m not moving it.”  Jamie still seemed pretty pale so I couldn’t exactly argue with his statement.  It really did feel like the thing moved with an alien jerk.

“Is Jamie moving the pointer?”  I asked and hoped to catch him off guard.  The cursor slid over to ‘No’ once again and I stared carefully at Jamie’s hands and arms as it happened.  “He’s not moving it.”  I stated and took my hand off the pointer.  “He’s not fucking moving it.”

Jamie pulled his hands from the pointer as well and sat back, lighting a cigarette of his own.  I followed suit and the three of us just stared at the pointer and piece of cheap cardboard now stained with our blood.  We didn’t say anything for several minutes, but all of us were likely trying to come up with something to ask.  I knew I was.  In front of us was quite possibly proof that ghosts, or something, existed outside of our own realm.  I really couldn’t think of anything important to ask.  I rationalized that it was shock settling in.

“Okay, I got it.”  Jamie said, breaking the silence.  “Put your hands back on the thingamabob, Daniels.”

I did as he said.  I was really starting to feel numb from the shock of what happened.  “Ask away Jamie.” I still couldn’t think of anything important to ask, despite the hundreds of questions floating in my head.  How exactly does one begin a conversation with a demon or a ghost?

“Are you still here?”  He stared intently at the pointer.

“Really?  That is the best you can come up with?”  Before I had a chance to mock him properly, the pointer once again moved over to the ‘Yes’ on my side of the board.

“Okay…Okay, I got it.  How long have you been here in this room with us?”  He asked.  The pointer stayed in one place for a while and then it went across the numbers above the letters spelling out ‘1-9-2-0.’  Luke scribbled them down as I called them out.

“Since 1920?”  Luke asked absently and tapped the pencil on the piece of torn paper.  The cursor moved over to ‘Yes’ again.  “Oh wait a second!”  He shook his head.  “I’m not involved in this!”

“It looks like you are now.” I smiled and asked a question of my own as some of the shock passed.  “Did you die in 1920?”  The pointer went down to the letters again, spelling out ‘Y-E-S.’

“Not a demon then.” Jamie chimed and let a sigh of relief that exhaled through his nose.  Even though it wasn’t a question, the pointer moved over to ‘No’ which freaked him out a little bit.

“Okay now what?”  Luke asked.  “Wait, ask what his-it’s name is.”

“What is your name?”  I asked.  The cursor hesitated for a few milliseconds, then start rushing all over the board.  I quickly spit out the letters so Luke could transcribe them. ‘M-y-n-a-m-e-i-s-e-v-e’ it spelled out.

“Myna..Myname…My name is Eve!”  Luke said in excitement as he drew slashes through the spots where the words should be separated.

“Eve!  Nice.  It’s a girl!”  Jamie nearly squealed with glee.

“Or a demon pretending to be a girl.”  Luke said as he raised his eyebrows.  Suddenly the cursor started moving again and I called out the letters so he could write them down. ‘I-m-n-o-t-a-d-e-m-o-n’ flowed out before it stopped.  “I’m not a demon.”  Luke said as he drew more slashes between the words.

“Good.”  I said answering the mystical cardboard.

Once again the pointer started moving.  ‘B-u-t-i-a-m’ it scrawled with haste.  “Wait a second.  Hold up.”  Luke tinkered with the letters. “Oh shit!”  He exclaimed.  “It spelled out, BUT I AM!”

Jamie and I instantly took our hands off the board and Jamie went a step further knocking the pointer off the board.

“Done!”  I said.

Jamie shook his head quickly.

“Yep.  Done.”  Luke confirmed.  He grabbed the Ouija board and the pointer, then tossed both into the box they came in.

None of us slept well that night.